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Kitchen Flooring 101: Facts Behind the Best Materials for Kitchen Floors

Remodeling your kitchen can be a costly affair and around four percent of the entire budget on the average would be taken up by the cost of flooring materials. If you decide to keep the same flooring that you currently have, you would still need to save a little extra from your budget to rehabilitate the floor into shape because of all the stressful effects that a major build-up may have on it.
Essentially, choosing light-colored flooring materials of any variety creates this illusion and gives you the impression of a larger room. The same effect is achieved by diagonally arranging floor tiles when installing it instead of laying it in such a way that it's parallel to the walls. Each different kitchen style has a suitable type of flooring that would look good on it.
For example, using floor tiles measuring 12x12" and above is perfect for minimizing grout lines and work best for contemporary kitchens. Choose smaller tiles if ever you're working on a tradition…

The Latest Kitchen Design and Specification Trends

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) conduct an annual survey among its members for the sole purpose of identifying the freshest updates in kitchen design and innovation. Just this year, there are over 300 participating members who took part in the survey that gives us a clear picture of the different fashionable designs, materials and products that are utilized by their design team in creating and showcasing the best in today's kitchens.
Here's a quick look at the figures involving today's hottest kitchen design trends across the United States and all over Canada.
• The Use of Darker Paint Finishes - Painting kitchens with light, medium and dark hues has been a relatively common practice that's been around for the past year. Figures from the latest surveys show that light, medium and dark finishes are being used by 30, 54 and 55 percent of these respondents respectively. The NKBA also noted this year's 4 percent increase from the past coupl…

Getting The Most Out of a Small Kitchen Space

If your home has a small kitchen, then you may find that the designs for your kitchen do not comply with the space you have at your disposal. When you have a tiny kitchen space, then your design needs to incorporate as much as possible without leaving the room feeling cramped and crowded. Furniture such as tables and chairs should be as sleek and as uncomplicated as possible, try to choose chairs that are stackable when not in use and tables that fold away for easy storage.
Make Smart Use Of Light And Color When you are redecorating your kitchen, choose lighter colors such as white or pale blues and yellows as this will make your kitchen appear larger. If you make the mistake of using darker colors then you will actually be making your smaller kitchen appear even smaller. Plus you can eradicate shadows and dark areas of your kitchen by making use of ceiling mounted spot lights, which will also make your kitchen look taller.
Choose Clever Storage Options The design of your k…