The tao of badass

The tao of badass is a dating guide for men written by Josh Pellicer help men to get rid of their corny ways of picking up women and failing and become masters in the field of seduction. Tao badass uses not the method to justify their readers "become". Instead, you take the simple steps so it stay much easier for the reader, on the track and not lost. 

Having trouble for each part of the system, which contains the chapter a statement to show how the problem occurred. For a MS-Project, another chapter in the book is dealing with body language and how a man should be. This chapter explains how to position your body so that the woman can get their attention and your best side. "Comes the strong and important personality, which can attract women with confidence and great attitude. This section called "The System", is the part of the book, giving the reader step-for-step process Josh. Other chapters in the book help a badass in charming girl despite embarrassing situations, or really hard for women men and teach how to deal with the situations.


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