Adya clarity

You know, this flow in the mountains in China or Japan, who live the Kingdom of minerals, the people who drink from them, to be more than 100 years? They were cleared by the magnetic mineral sulfates. That makes the water as his life. Adya Clarity is a mineral sulfate derived from magnetic black Mica.

In short, they add your water and it's interesting (magnet) inorganic materials (toxins, visible) taken from cells from the water, and make them harmless. Clean the air in a way that no air purifier can You can buy. Then take the cells now reduced water and fill them with oxygen and minerals. In other words, the water then clean up and convert it into oxygen-rich water (live). As a Water Purifier, it is fucking amazing, but for a moment to consider the fact that more than half of the body consists of water. Cells were full and bathe in it. Here is the magic of Adya: could you "super record", that is once or twice a day (in the station and in the evening on an empty stomach). Mix one teaspoon of liquid with a few grams of Adya water. It down, then no food take a drink for the next 2 hours and 1 l (34 oz) or more of pure drinking water.


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