the hottest trend in the market is black Mica

Today, the hottest trend in the market is Black Mica. It is also famous and silicate mineral Biotite. This gives the surface of the glass, and because most Mika, this file has perfect cleavage in a thin Flakestogether. Black mica is a mineral in the rocks. Some of these are grade metamorphic rock and granite. This black silicate also Mica plate. Form of magnesium, aluminum, Silicon, iron, hydrogen and oxygen for the plates, close to the weak position of the potassium ion. It's called iron, Mica also because it contains more iron than Phlogopite. 
The difference in black and white, the founder of Mika Mika. When it comes to real estate, such as black Mica Mica has a basal cleavage. Consists of Flexiblesheets or slats, which easily flake off. Prismatic Crystal system has a Pinacoid termination and mono clinic came up with Quartzcountertops. Have a hexagonal crystal pseudo Prismfaces, four and two Pinacoid faces. Although since the leaves and are not easily visible cleavage, fracture absolutely can not. This seems to BEA black, green or Brown and when it is finished. It can be transparent, opaque and has Shinypearls and glassy. There are cases found in large blocks of black Mica. This is called the books because of its shape, which has many sides of leaves. As mentioned above the black Muscovites in various types of metamorphic and igneous rocks that are found. This happens for example in the lava. This is Phänokristall, which is important in a variety of OfLamprophyre. It is also a large cleavable crystals, especially in pegmatite veins in Virginia, North Carolina, and much more. 
The famous black Muscovites, in Sudbury, which took place in AndBancroft. It also is an important component that will be different metamorphic slate, and Greatcomposition different pressure and temperature. You can find more info on this link


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