What do my results with clarity Adya...

I just have a question someone asked. What do my results with Adya Clarity ? I do this with the words: I have an abnormal immune systems and are usually not on a drug or food supplement as the expected response to send to the front. But I'm not really expecting the worse. I have the Adya clarity for a few months in combination with dietary Glycemic carbohydrates is very low. I eat mostly vegetables and some nuts and seeds. 
After a few months, I was so bored of my food and decided to try a piece of fruit. It meets the pain is unbearable. Then I tried some quinoa is cooked. Once again I feel strong Schmerzen. Ich started to lose, very tired, and my skin is really dry. I started getting more desperate and hear advice my doctor that maybe some meat once a week, every few weeks might not be a bad idea., which I with my ethics and they die at risk to fight, because I feel like I will. It is also easier because you feel physically on something, you could as food. All the pain. But the meat is not the solution. In fact it was making things worse. I tried some meat and end up in the baseball stadium pen stuck to evacuate from both ends. It was epic. I live in a low carb vegan diet (I have no choice) and take a stool check whether bacteria or parasites that I have a problem. My doctor then put me on ketotifen. He felt that the cell mast I particularly offensive the release of histamine and my small intestine. Mast cells are most often the lungs, skin, and small intestine. I developed asthma for the first time since childhood. I have a rash on my back. My small intestine died eating me every time, when I try anything from my diet continues to be a reduction in calories. 


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