The FDA study Adya clarity

The FDA study Adya clarity, confirmed high levels of aluminum, name a few violations, product (NaturalNews) late last year, an explosion of stories about fraudulent sales supplement called go Natural News "Adya clarity." Made from a combination of sulfuric acid and mineral/metal ore mined from the soil around Fukushima, Japan, is a substance with a greater array of any reasonable imagination associated health claims for sale online. The Label also deliberately changed to consumers about the content of aluminium, coincidentally allowed the second most common element in the product. A few months after Adya, clarity, Inc. 
successfully Naturalnews law firm threaten to wipe try to find our original report. Letter from Naturalnews contains a long list of accusations are ridiculous, including things like "Adya clarity not FDA approved" (the real), and "Matt Bakos never happened for all health claims about Adya Clarity" (actually, she makes all kinds of health claims the rights to video), or the "FDA Adya clarity test and found it completely safe for human consumption" (flat out lie). It is one of the most ill-conceived attempt at rational discourse, that I've seen, the legal equivalent of a wild child says: "whatever you say jump from me and whip you!" Today, Naturalnews has once again affirmed that the u.s. food and drug administration, the fact is, the exploration by Adya, Inc. Office always also directed FDA Detroit product samples Adya clarity, which is then sent to a lab, the lab underwent a test in Seattle and the evaluation of the label. We can now show that the FDA confirmed Adya clarity high aluminum content and come to the conclusion that the clarity of the Adya violations label has caught the attention of regulations the Agency has.


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